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Examples of Applications of Satellite IoT

Satellite IoT used for geological monitoring

In recent years, due to abundant rainfall, natural disasters such as landslides and mudslides have occurred frequently in China, causing immeasurable losses to people's lives and property. Many geological disaster-prone areas are in signal-free coverage areas and have harsh monitoring environments, urgently needing satellite communication methods that can cover unmanned areas, have low power consumption, and are not affected by weather to solve data collection and monitoring issues.

Geological hazard warning, soil geological monitoring, meteorological environment monitoring and other collection devices with satellite communication capabilities will provide technical support for geological monitoring in terrain-complicated areas, ensuring that the equipment can work stably under harsh weather conditions.

Satellite IoT used for smart agriculture

For farms located in remote areas with poor ground network signal coverage, satellite IoT devices can be deployed to collect more accurate data on farm wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, and light intensity, thus providing better data support for agricultural planting and breeding.

Satellite IoT used for power grid meteorological monitoring

Using the Sichuan-Tibet Line in China as an example, past inspections of special high-voltage power towers on the line were carried out by helicopters and vehicles. Since most areas of the Sichuan-Tibet Line are above 3000 meters above sea level, and some areas are between 4000 and 6000 meters above sea level, close to the helicopter's maximum flight altitude limit, the appearance of sudden temperature changes, strong winds, frost, blizzards, and other phenomena poses great risks to helicopter and ground personnel inspections. Large-scale weather forecasts on the plateau, especially in mountain passes and peaks, are basically unreliable, and dangerous areas have almost no mobile phone signal coverage, making it impossible to collect local information in a timely manner.

At this time, meteorological information can be transmitted back through satellites, accumulating wind direction and speed (with turbulence warning function), air pressure, temperature, humidity, and rainfall data at the mountain passes to obtain basic meteorological data and provide accumulated regional meteorological data for power grid inspection personnel, enabling real-time monitoring of regional meteorological information.

Satellite IoT used for marine applications

By tracking the movement of ocean currents and measuring the average sea currents and surface temperature and salinity data below the set depth of the ocean surface, satellite IoT devices can transmit Northrop/GPS position and temperature and salinity data to ground monitoring stations via satellite communication. This technology can be used in ocean current research, oil spill and other pollution tracking, marine fishery monitoring, marine search and rescue, and other fields.

Upgraded and optimized the processing of multi-source satellite big data and built a big data analysis capability based on vessel position, integrated artificial intelligence, big data computing, and other technologies, and provided data support services for navigation security. AIS and Northrop position data can be used for big data analysis to obtain evidence and calculate the operating positions of smuggling ships, assisting relevant departments in retrieving ship navigation data and providing assistance in cracking down on illegal activities such as smuggling and border crossing on the high seas.

In summary, the Satellite IoT has a wide range of applications. It can complement the ground IoT. In some special situations, such as at sea, in the desert or in areas where ground base stations are difficult to build, using the Satellite IoT is indeed a good choice.

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