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"Emergency Mission 2022" Earthquake Relief Exercise, we are called for fighting!

On May 11, the earthquake relief exercise in the alpine areas of the plateau, code-named “Emergency Mission 2022”, was officially launched in Zhangye city, Gansu province. Several emergency rescue forces equipped with BWP750A portable satcom terminals were recruited to participate in the exercise.


The exercise was jointly held by the Office of the State Council Earthquake Relief Headquarters, the Ministry of Emergency Management, and People’s Government of Gansu province. The exercise is to coordinate development and security, prevent and resolve major security risks, to comprehensively improve the level of disaster prevention and mitigation and joint rescue capabilities.

The exercise simulated a 7.5-magnitude earthquake in Ganzhou District, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, with strong feeling in Jiayu Pass, Jinchang, Jiuquan, Weiwu etc. The earthquake caused many houses collapsing, casualties and some roads, electricity, water supply, gas, and communication broken off. Some landslides and collapses occurred in mountainous areas.


The BWP750A portable satellite communication terminal is used to quickly restore communications at the disaster site. The terminal adopts integrated structure design, equipped with 0.75m caliber parabolic surface antenna and high power amplifier, built-in large-capacity battery, with extremely high reception sensitivity and strong transmission capacity, can effectively meet the communication requirements of satellite beam coverage edge areas. The terminal is single-person carrying, easy to open, very suitable for providing emergency communication services in harsh environments, and quickly restore high-speed data connections between the disaster site and the rear.

China is one of the countries in the world with serious natural disasters, with many types of natural disasters and frequent occurrences. In the event of major natural disasters and emergencies, timely and reliable emergency communications are an important guarantee for the smooth development of rescue work.3.png

As a technology-driven innovative enterprise, Cowave insists on continuously promoting the development of satellite communication technology through continuous investment in science and technology. In the future, Cowave will continue to study the application of satellite communication in the field of emergency rescue in depth, and provide more efficient and accurate application support for disaster emergency rescue.

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