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Characteristics and Advantages of Satellite Communication

Ⅰ. Satellite communication system

1. Satellite ground station

In the satellite communication system, the satellite ground station is an important part, which covers short-wave, ultra-short-wave radio, digital image transmission system, wireless trunking system, etc. In areas where communication is interrupted, satellite ground stations are mainly used for command and dispatch, and can provide help for some public communications.

However, the initial investment of satellite ground stations is large, the debugging is difficult, and they cannot be moved. They can only be used in the fields of rescue force communications, emergency command and dispatch, and some public communications.

2. Mobile portable station

It has the advantages of strong maneuverability and convenient use. It can upload information such as voice, data, and images within the coverage area through satellite links. However, due to the limitation of weight and volume, its functions are limited, and it is more used in vehicle-mounted stations. It cannot reach the places where the road is damaged, which effectively improves the transmission efficiency of on-site disaster information.

3. Emergency communication vehicle

It includes two types of communication in motion and communication in static. It can realize short-wave and ultra-short-wave radio communication in the car, and effectively integrates digital picture transmission system and wireless trunking system to better meet the needs of communication within the coverage area.

In fact, compared with the satellite ground station, it can be found that the emergency communication vehicle has the advantages of strong maneuverability and convenient use, but the disadvantage is that the coverage is small and the capacity is small. When the road is blocked or severely damaged, it cannot play its due advantages. Therefore, emergency communication vehicles are used as vehicle-mounted command stations in most cases and are responsible for emergency command and dispatch.

4. Satellite phone

Due to the limitation of satellite resources and terminals, its application scope is limited, but the emergency communication efficiency is high, and it is suitable for operations such as command issuance and information reporting.

Ⅱ. The advantages of satellite communication

Nowadays, with the development of aerospace technology, satellite communication has made great progress and occupies a relatively important position in the field of communication.

Because the key hubs of satellite communication are distributed in space, satellite communication is not easily affected by emergencies from the earth, and satellite emergency communication is not limited by time and can operate all-weather. In addition, its signal coverage is relatively wide, so in Vietnam It is widely used in more and more fields.

At the same time, satellite communication also has the advantages of long transmission distance, fast transmission speed, strong transmission signal, and low communication cost, and can transmit information such as images and audio quickly and efficiently.

Ⅲ. Characteristics of satellite communication

Compared with mobile communications such as communication optical cables and ground base stations, it can be found that satellite communications have the following characteristics:

1. Faster construction

In the process of building satellite communication, because it is not limited by land factors, its construction speed is relatively fast. For disaster-stricken areas, the effective deployment of satellite communication terminals can be completed in a short period of time. Even in areas such as harsh climates, deserts and high mountains, it is only necessary to set up satellite communication equipment as required to realize real-time transmission of disaster area information, and then To ensure the smooth progress of rescue work in disaster areas.

2. Large communication range

Under normal circumstances, only three geostationary satellites are needed to achieve global communication coverage, and normal communication can be ensured within the coverage of satellite transmission waves under any circumstances.

When encountering emergencies, satellite communication terminals can be used to communicate with other terminals within the satellite beam range, and can communicate with the command center within the beam range, thereby realizing safe and efficient information transmission.

3. Not affected by various land factors

Since satellites are mainly distributed in space, they will not be affected by various disasters on land. However, once the communication equipment on the ground encounters natural disasters, it will be damaged to varying degrees. At this time, it can only be achieved through satellite communication. Realize effective communication with the outside world, so as to ensure the fast, accurate and efficient transmission of information.

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