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Application of Broadband Maritime Satcom System in Various Fields

During the construction and application of the broadband maritime satcom system, it has had a very important influence and role in various aspects such as China's maritime transportation and deep sea fishing, and its overall application scope has been continuously expanding.

When constructing and applying the broadband maritime satcom system, it can effectively establish information exchange between ships, airplanes, and land. In this information connection process, various types of information data such as voice and video monitoring can be efficiently transmitted.

Application of broadband satcom system in video monitoring

When ships encounter safety issues during navigation on the sea, it will inevitably threaten the entire voyage. Therefore, the application of ship video monitoring has significant meaning. When constructing and applying the ship video monitoring system, it mainly uses the bridge recorder as the core component of the video monitoring system and establishes close connections with all external cloud platform cameras.

Based on this, it can ensure that all recorded video footage is continuously recorded in the bridge recorder and achieve the goal of automatic saving. It can also promote remote transmission of the footage while ensuring the effectiveness and specificity of local transmission.

By reasonably utilizing remote transmission methods, onshore personnel can watch the video footage in the bridge recorder in real-time, effectively and remotely through satellite IP networks. For local output, the captured footage can be directly transmitted in real-time to the corresponding video monitor in the bridge, enabling on-board personnel to have a deeper understanding of the content of remote video monitoring footage from the shore.

Application of broadband maritime satcom system in Aviation

Building and utilizing broadband satcom systems within the cabin can carry out comprehensive and effective communication access to the actual situation of domestic and international flights, providing not only more communication services as support for the public passengers but also a basis of supporting information for air traffic control.

Flight management and cockpit data can achieve real-time and effective analysis to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of information transmission. From the cockpit to the cabin, from the pilot to passengers, the broadband satcom system can provide a relatively complete and reliable application processing method, including data and aviation weather forecasting.

Achieving the fundamental purpose of wireless internet access for crew members

With the continuous progress and rapid development of science and technology, China has entered a fully informationized and networked era, in which information and communication technology are constantly improving and optimizing in practice.

Currently, the popularity rate of wireless Internet access function for smartphones and various types of mobile terminals is getting higher and higher. People are not affected by various factors such as time, location, and space constraints through reasonable use of these intelligent devices and can satisfy their internet needs anytime and anywhere.

The bandwidth of the maritime satcom system is narrower than that of land, so it is necessary to maximize the guarantee of safe and stable operation of the ship and effectively manage the subsequent wireless internet access of crew members. By combining the environment and characteristics of crew wireless internet access, reasonably utilizing the FX satcom line, selecting wireless control routers, and achieving centralized management.

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