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Analysis of Characteristics of VSAT Communication Systems

Overview of VSAT communication Systems

VSAT communication system is actually a type of microwave communication, which uses satellites as relay stations to forward microwave signals for communication between multiple ground stations. The main purpose of VSAT communication is to achieve "seamless" coverage of the ground. Since satellites operate on orbits hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of kilometers above the Earth, the coverage range is much wider than that of general mobile communication systems.

As an effective supplement and guarantee to cellular, radio, and other communication methods, its advantages and irreplaceability have become increasingly prominent. To establish a sound emergency communication guarantee system, improve communication system networks, and establish a communication system that combines wired and wireless, and basic networks with mobile communication networks, is necessary to ensure communication guarantee for responding to emergencies.

With the development of technology, VSAT communication has become an essential means of emergency communication and has played an important role in important tasks such as earthquakes and counter-terrorism. It will have an immeasurable role in the future.

Characteristics of VSAT communication Systems

Wide coverage range

Satellite mobile communication has a wide coverage range and flexible networking, which is suitable for areas with dispersed sites, remote from cities, and not covered by ground communication;

Mobility and real-time

Emergency communication vehicles or portable stations can quickly reach the site according to the needs of emergency situations. The installation and debugging time is short, and command communication means can be established quickly;

High reliability

On the communication link, except for satellite relays, there are no intermediate links on the transmission line. Each small station is independent of each other and does not affect each other. The network management center can also centrally monitor the system operation status and equipment failure situation, and can detect the faults of satellite terminal stations in time and take measures;

Strong disaster resistance

Compared with ground communication systems, VSAT communication is less likely to be damaged by natural disasters, especially floods, and is structurally flexible and does not require relays. Even if individual stations fail, they will not affect the normal communication of other stations;

Powerful functionality

The characteristics of VSAT communication can provide various functional services, such as large-span, large-range, and long-distance image transmission, TV conferences, etc.

In addition, VSAT communication can also be used as a backup means for ground communication systems to ensure smooth and reliable communication.

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